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Sewer Sentry is a sewer solution system that dramatically reduces inflow during rainstorms and lowers a sewer system’s exposure to corrosive gases, which can cause odor and become an explosive hazard. The Sewer Sentry sewer hole cover works as a manhole cover gasket and manhole ventilation system. This manhole vent seals manhole covers with a proprietary device. The Sewer Sentry device is constructed of Dupont Zytel, a nylon resin that is impact resistant, chemical resistant, UV light resistant, heat resistant, and cold resistant.

All Sewer Sentry manhole cover gaskets are fitted with a 1” wide, 1/8” rubber seal that helps create minimal leakage between the sewer hole cover and bearing surface. The Sewer Sentry sewer solution system is installed through a hole that is drilled in the manhole cover using a rubber gasket to minimize leakage. It protrudes approximately 5/8” above the surface of the manhole cover, allowing some sheet flow over the cover but not high enough to damage bicycles, vehicles, etc. Learn more about the technical specs of the Sewer Sentry sewer solution system below:

Sewer Sentry Size

General Specifications

  • Compression Tested to 6000 lbs.

    The Sewer Sentry Manhole Vent Device was independently tested for compression strength with a minimum 6000 lbs. with no cracking or deformation.***

  • What size is the Sewer Sentry?

       3 ½” wide at top

       2 ⅝” wide at bottom

       2 ⅞” high

       Rises only ⅝” above manhole cover

  • What material is the Sewer Sentry made of?

    DuPont™ Zytel® ST801-NC010A, a nylon 66 resin that is:

       highly impact resistant

       chemical resistant

       UV light resistant

       heat resistant

       cold resistant

  • What is the rubber on the ring and cover made of?

    Commercial grade EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) blended rubber in 60 durometer (a measure of hardness).

    EPDM provides superior properties for outdoor and high temperature applications:

       minimum of 1000 PSI tensile strength

       accommodates temperatures from -20 to 230 degree F

       resistant to ozone and many oxidizing chemicals and acids

       highly resistant to sunlight

    60 DURO was chosen for toughness but will still have enough softness to create an effective seal.

  • What is the glue made of?

    CHEMREX® CX-948.

    This high-strength glue:

       is suitable for hot and cold environments

       does not crack or lose bond

       is environmentally friendly

       cures quickly

       offers some flexibility for repositioning

  • What kind of pipe is the extension pipe?

    Max-Gain pultruded fiberglass tube made of isophthalic polyester resin and e-glass.

    This tubing is:

       UV resistant

       corrosion resistant



  • What material is the odor control “sock” made of?

    The sock itself is braided from a .010” polyethylene terephthalate monofilament.

    The material is designed to have:

       good chemical resistance

       high tensile strength

       resistance to cuts and abrasions

       moisture resistance, which prevents rotting and the growth of fungi